The work is in conditions of maximum comfort and time saving.

The business center "Sozidanie" is an elite business complex in the center of the capital.  Our clients are the most successful companies in Tajikistan and corporations with a worldwide reputation.

We provide your business with a favorable location, comfortable environment and convenient location in an area with high commercial attractiveness.  We contribute to your prosperity by offering office space of the representative class "A".  Choose what  is suitable  for you – the solid two-storey offices with their own balcony, small cozy offices -   Prefer an open workspace - at your service coworking.

The conference rooms, the parking,the  cafe, the gym - we know what our customers need in .  The intelligent infrastructure management technologies allow uninterrupt the  operation of engineering communications.  We focus on your safety.  The advanced security systems prevent the development of any extraordinary situations.

You rent an office in the business center "Sozidanie", and our employees will do everything to create comfortable conditions for you and your business.  The maintenance of cleanliness in the premises and maintenance is included in the list of free services. 

The Business Center "Sozidanie" will become a new stage on the way for your becoming and prosperity!

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